Tuesday 31 March 2015

Jack Links Beef Snack + Coupon!

Hi Guys,

So recently I was offered the opportunity to test for my blog 'Jack Links Beef Snacks'. After a quick Google of the product, I was definitely intrigued, especially since i've never tried anything like beef jerky before!

'Jack Links Beef Snack -Original'

According to their website Jack Links beef snacks are;

'...Made with New Zealand beef which is finely chopped, seasoned, slow cooked and smoked according to the JACK LINK'S family recipe.
The delicious tender beef snacks offer an unbeatable experience for all your senses, and guarantee the best quality from the Link family.
The bite sized bars have a long shelf life and are high in protein. They are excellent energy boosters and the perfect snacks you can enjoy at any time.
The beef snacks are available in 25g bars'.

'Original' flavour -25g bar.

After reading the description for the product, naturally I was excited for it to arrive and it certainly didn't disappoint! I was sent the 'original' flavoured beef snack. Which is one of two flavours that they offer, the other being a 'peppered' flavour. I'm definitely thankful they sent the 'original' flavour as i'm not too fond of pepper! 

Now for the actual review! As soon as I opened the packet, I was hit with the rich, delicious smell of beef, which is exactly what I wanted from this product! The beef comes in a 'stick' form, and is slightly greasy to touch which isn't as unpleasant as it sounds, since it helps the beef stay moist and not dry.

'Original -'smoky-spicy-barbecue-temptation'
The taste of the beef is where the specialness of the product lies. The snack obviously tastes meaty and has that strong beef flavour, however it is combined with a smoky after taste and a slight hint of spices, which make the product taste divine!
I can say that my brother has stolen most of my bars as snacks for after the gym! And with my brother being the most fussiest easter around, there's no greater endorsement for the product then that!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting a protein snack for exercise as just one 25g bar contains 27.8g of protein! However, I would also recommend this product to anyone who loves beef or beef jerky as it's a wonderful snack that needs attention!

Thankfully for us brits, Jack Links are rolling out their products in 1,600 Tesco Express stores! To celebrate this fantastic launch, Jack Link's is also offering shoppers 50p off it's beef snack bar at Tesco Express!
To claim this voucher, readers should visit; https:www.facebook.com/jack.links.eu and click the '50p off coupon tab' to print the coupon.  

Also, I would definitely recommend having a quick glance at the Jack Link's website, at all the other fantastic products they offer and just to read more about how this fantastic brand came around!

Would I buy this product again?: YES 

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