Monday, 3 March 2014

NEW! Walkers Pops: Melted Cheese and Crispy Bacon & Original

*Peeks from behind laptop screen*

Hello? Is anyone still there?

....I cannot even begin to explain to you guys how hellish the past few months have been!

Without giving too many excuses, it has literally been crash after crash for my blog since before Christmas!....which has been awful! Recent posts that I have created were sadly deleted with no explanation....but there is a bright side! *fingers crossed* things are hopefully back in working order now and I can start posting my reviews once again!!

Now onto better things!.....I was contacted recently by a representative of Walkers and asked if I would like to try a new brand of crisps they had created.

'Walkers Pops' are a brand new creation from Walkers which merges their expertise in flavour innovation with science to create a healthy air-popped snack, with 50% less fat than the average crisp on the market!

Thomas Barkholt, Marketing Director at Walkers said: "At Walkers we set out to create a delicious new family snack. Walkers Pops are air-popped rather than fried, providing all the taste but with 50% less fat"

....Air-popped crisps are becoming quite popular at the moment, simply for the fact that they do provide less fat and are a healthier alternative to other crisps on the market, which I'm sure not only appeals to the average person, but also to families wanting to take into consideration their children's health and diets.

This new brand of 'air-popped' crisps from Walkers are available in four exciting flavours; Melted Cheese & Crispy Bacon, Original, Sour Cream & Onion and Prawn Cocktail. For the purposes of this review, I was sent packets of both Melted Cheese & Crispy Bacon and Original.

Firstly, I'll start with the Melted Cheese & Crispy Bacon flavour!

"Melted Cheese & Crispy Bacon"

These crisps come in 23g bags and contain 102 calories. To be 100% honest the idea of 'Melted Cheese & Crispy Bacon' crisps does not sound entirely appealing to me!....especially since I'm not a huge fan of bacon! However, for this review I sucked it up and was willing to try them to give you, my lovely readers, an honest review! (how cheesy was that??)

So.....First impressions opening the packet I was immediately hit with a strong 'cheesy' smell, while not entirely did  make me feel hesitant over how these would actually taste!......And shape-wise I actually really love the look of these crisps! They are relatively large disks of air-popped, Walkers goodness!

"102 Kcal per 23g bag"
Taste wise they do taste quite different from your average crisp and are actually quite nice! After a couple of crisps the flavour does become a bit too strong, possibly a bit too strong for my simple tastes!! But overall this is an extremely tasty flavour!

"50% less fat than the average crisp"

Onto the Original Flavour!

"Original Flavour"

Once again this flavour comes in a 23g bag and contains 102 calories!....And one of the things that puts me slightly off these crisps is the calorie content! For a supposed '50% less fat than the average crisp' you would have thought the calorie count would have been less....especially for such a small bag of crisps?

"102 Kcal per 23g bag"

Now straight onto the actual crisps! Upon opening the bag I was hit with an strong salty smell.......reminding me of a very strong bag of ready salted crisps!
Taste wise I actually really, really like these crisps! They are quite salty so the small 23g bag is just enough to satisfy those crunchy crisp cravings you have, without indulging too much!

"Four exciting new flavours"

Overall, I think the concept and design of these crisps are amazing! I do prefer the taste of the Original than the Melted Cheese & Crispy Bacon flavour.....but both flavours have incredibly strong seasoning so whichever flavour you decide on you will be in for a treat!
I definitely look forward to trying both the Prawn Cocktail and Sour Cream & Onion flavours!

These crisps are available in multipacks of 6 for an RSP of £1.99 and are also available in single 23g bags with a RSP of £0.63.

For more information on these cracking crisps and other new Walkers ventures, you can follow Walkers on twitter here.

I received this product in order to produce an honest review, and all views/opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Would I buy these again? Yes definitely!! I look forward to trying the other flavours too!

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  1. I also tried both of these flavours, but I am afraid they are NOTHING like crisps (I expected them to be akin to American Bubble Chips - how wrong I was). Walkers Pops are VERY like rice cracker/crisps. Not unlike a thin version of snack-a-jacks (which I hate). They even LOOK like rice cracker type snacks (only thinner). Verdict: Stick to lower fat crisps (Walkers Lights). Do NOT make the mistake of thinking Walkers Pops are ANYTHING like regular crisps, or you will be sorely disappointed. Out of 10 - I give them 0 (Sorry) I won't be buying these again..

  2. Have tried the Prawn Cocktail Pops and while they are not crisps they are very tasty and very crunchy. I will be buying these again but why no Salt and Vinegar?

  3. I have just tried the prawn cocktail ones for the first time and while I find them pretty nice was disappointed with the relatively small amount for the cost, and at 19g??? felt a little robbed, would only buy again while on offer TBH, which is a shame as I like them a lot!


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