Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Maryland 'Gooeys' Chocolate Cookies

For my first post I've decided to review these Maryland 'Gooey' Cookies, as I've been dying to have a taste of them ever since I've seen them on the shelf of my local ASDA for the introductory price of £1. I love the hot pink/red packaging that was just screaming 'EAT ME!'.

The cookies are described as 'crunchy cookies filled with a gooey chocolatey centre' and come in a 'Hazelnut' flavour and 'Double Chocolate' flavour too. Upon opening the pack, there are 10 cookies with the recommended serving being 2, equalling 158 calories per sitting.

Initially I was surprised at the size of the cookie as the packet image led me to believe they would be 'chunkier', but in reality they seemed to be the size of a regular Maryland cookie. With a lovely golden brown finish these Maryland 'gooeys' I believe are less crunchy then the original Maryland cookies, but are slightly softer and crumble/melt away in the mouth.

When reaching the middle of the cookies I liked that they all had just the right amount of chocolate creamy filling to hold the biscuit together and not make it taste too sickly, but that they also had enough chocolate chips throughout each cookie to give it a nice even chocolatey biscuit taste.

Overall, I believe these cookies are delicious and for the very reasonable introductory price of £are a bargain, so grab them whilst you can!

Would I buy them again? YES. 


  1. They are quite nice the hazelnut variety though hardly taste of hazelnuts. But the main thing is they are not like the TV advert when they snap one in half and all this gooey chocolate spews out. In reality when you break one in half you just see a little soft chocolate within the halves. I think trade description comes into this somewhere!

  2. I am literally eating them as I type this. So far so good. More than good actually. I would rate 9/10 .scrummy.

  3. they are a load of rubbish advertised as being gooey but are solid and dry inside

  4. Omgg they taste amazing and the hazelnut ones are the best. Btw just wanted to shout out to my boy toto love you.

  5. Agreed with person above, dry and solid, not "soft" "chunky" or "gooey" at all, and look MUCH chunkier on the front of packet. Coles home brand cookies are literally 10 x more 'chocolatey' and softer. #doyouevencookie #marylandsclearlydont


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