Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hotel Chocolat 'You Crack Me Up Extra Thick' Easter Egg

The wonderful people at Hotel Chocolat contacted me recently asking if I would like to review one of their Easter eggs....and of course I said yes! (I would have been a fool not to, since their chocolate is to die for!)

......So when the postman delivered me a beautifully presented, gift-wrapped parcel the other day I was incredibly excited!!

'Easter 'You Crack Me Up Extra Thick' Egg'

 The description of this Easter egg on their website certainly gets the mouth watering!

'When we first started making our eggs 13 years ago, we were 
advised by experts to make them as thin as possible and put the chocolates on the outside.
 We did the opposite!

Our irresistibly upbeat extra thick Easter egg is cast in milk chocolate 
and our award-winning high-cocoa white chocolate, and inside you'll discover 
12 smiley face pralines and happy chicks.'

....with a description like that how can you say no?!?!

'Thick Easter Egg accompanied by 12 smiley face Pralines and happy Chicks'

'Cast in Milk Chocolate and our award-winning high-cocoa White Chocolate'

Hotel Chocolat are fabulous chocolatiers that have a strong ingredients philosophy to use only wholesome, real ingredients and their mantra is 'More Cocoa, Less Sugar'. 
What makes these eggs even more enticing is that they are suitable for vegetarians, and are alcohol free!

Now onto the actual egg!

After spending about 20 minutes convincing myself that this egg needed to be opened in spite of the gorgeous parcelling, I finally mustered up the courage to rip into the beautiful packaging and stopped short in shock when I came across what seemed to be a mahoosive egg-shaped lump of chocolate...

'415g/ 14.6 oz'

....Now i've never had a Hotel Chocolat egg before, and I am admittedly a bit of a pessimist. So when I read the description of this egg and saw that it was supposedly 'extra thick'....I thought 'Yeah might be a tiny bit thicker than the competition on the market but it won't be amazingly thick' was AMAZINGLY thick!! I have to say I am delighted to let you guys know that I was wrong, and I am pleasantly surprised with the thickness of this egg!

Aesthetically, this egg is simply fantastic! The mix of their award winning white and milk chocolate creates an eye popping 'marble' effect and gives this egg that added 'oomph' that you desire in a nice high-end egg!

'Suitable for Vegetarians'

Taste wise...the egg is even more amazing than it looks! The chocolate is creamy and smooth and melts wonderfully in the mouth. I can honestly say I have no complaints whatsoever with this egg, appearance or taste wise!

'Extra Thick Egg!...Warning! May require excessive force to dig in! ;)'

Following the mad frenzy that ensued when my family pounced on this egg....all eyes (and stomachs) turned towards the 12 delightfully cute chocolates stuffed inside the egg. These were;

'More Cocoa, Less Sugar'

Chocolate Brownie x2 : Crispy chocolate buttercream encased in milk chocolate.

Crunchy Praline x2 : Crunchy biscuit pieces and praline encased in mocha chocolate.

Milk Praline Fried Egg x2: A milk chocolate, hazelnut, praline-filled half shell, topped with a white chocolate fried egg.

Milk Chocolate Chick x2:  A flightless, fabulous chick cast in mellow and creamy 40% milk chocolate.A

White Soldiers x2: Creamy white chocolate soldiers pre-dipped with a dollop of creamy chocolate yolk.

Smooth Caramel Bow Tie Bunny x2: A dapper Easter bunny cast in smooth and sensual caramel milk chocolate.

'12 Delicious chocolates found within each egg!'

Overall, all of these mini chocolates tasted delicious and fit in nicely with the egg. My personal favourites were the Chocolate Brownie (the smoothness of the chocolate buttercream was simply divine) and the White Soldiers (the white chocolate was the best white chocolate i've ever tasted).

In Conclusion, this egg is all you could ever want or need from an Easter egg. It does come at a marginally expensive price of £28....however believe me when I say this: These eggs are well worth the cost!!

As said previously, I have never brought a Hotel Chocolat egg, this is most likely due to the price which I assume is quite a big issue for many people. However, since trying this egg I am 100% certain that I will from now on buy Hotel Chocolat eggs. Compared to the typical Dairy Milk or Malteser Easter eggs that can be brought for £5 or £10....this egg is much more upmarket, and the taste certainly matches price! This was a 'eggcellent' egg, and an even more wonderful tasting experience! 

Quality over quantity was never more true!....Their mantra of 'More Cocoa, Less Sugar' is definitely apparent in these eggs!

To buy one of these fabulous eggs (which I definitely recommend to all my fellow chocoholics!)...You can find it (and other varieties) on Hotel Chocolat's website here.

....And for offers and competitions you can follow them on twitter here or like them on facebook here.

I received this product in order to produce an honest review, and all views/opinions expressed are completely my own.

Would I buy this again? YES!....100%