Monday, 6 October 2014

ASDA: Christmas In Store Round-UP!

I was walking round ASDA today doing the usual weekly shop and spontaneously decided to do a bit of a 'round up' of the new Christmas products ASDA have already started displaying on it's shelves!

Festive Flying Saucers:

'Festive Flying Sauces £3'

Firstly, ASDA have introduced for this year these tubs of your typical pick 'n' mix sweets for the very affordable price of £3! I think these are a fantastic idea for Christmas, as many children (and adults!) have intolerances to these tubs serve as a fantastic alternative to the classic tubs of Celebrations or Heroes! There is a wide variety of choice with these tubs ranging from jelly sweets to marshmallows and these flying saucers!

Munchies Roll:

'Munchies £3'

Next on the list is this HUGE roll of Munchies! Now i'm a huge fan of Munchies so I can see this being added to the shopping trolley in the near future for Christmas! These rolls contain 3x100mg bags of munchies.....which is more than enough to satisfy any chocolate/caramel cravings you have this Christmas! Currently £3.

Quality Street Large Tin:

'Quality Street 1.28kg tin £8'
Next we have the 'large'(or should I say previously normal!) sized tins from Quality Street! These tins weigh in at a hefty 1.28 kg and cost £8, which is considerably different from the 'tubs' that ASDA are selling for £5 which weigh in at 780 kg. I personally have to say every year I get so disappointed at how much smaller, and smaller our tins are becoming! These tins do solve that problem, however be prepared to pay practically double the price for them!

Toblerone Triangle:

'Toblerone Triangle £2'

Toblerone have also revamped their style for Christmas with this fab looking stocking filler that anyone would be pleased to find on Christmas morning! Set in a triangle shape, with a little 'Merry Christmas' note on the packaging, I myself will be paying the very reasonable £2 price for a couple of these as little 'add on' presents for friends and family!

Quality Street Large Strawberry Delight:

Now this Christmas product is one of the ones that i'm most excited about! It's no secret that I love the 'creme' sweets from the Quality Street when Quality Street brought out the large versions of 'The Purple One', Fudge and Toffee ones I was eagerly awaiting,with my fingers crossed, for the day that they finally brought out the Strawberry Dream ones. This is something that will definitely be making at least one appearance in my household this Christmas! Currently priced at £5.

Frozen Christmas Chocolates:

'Chocolate Snowies £1'

'Milk & White Chocolate Pieces £1'

I couldn't resist adding these to the list! These are completely adorable and would surely brighten up any little girls Christmas day if she's a Frozen fan! These two are just a small variety of the 'Frozen' chocolate options that ASDA have in for Christmas, but for the price of £1 you can't really go wrong!

Quality Street/Guylian/Heroes etc... Pouches:

For those that have no desire for the tub version of these chocolates or would just rather a smaller amount, then these pouches are ideal for you! These bags do contain around 200 kg less than the normal size tubs, but they are cheaper at £4!

Extra Special Father Christmas:

I couldn't resist adding this beauty to the round up either! Made from extra special Chocolate with a higher than average cocoa content this giant Father Christmas would be the creme de la creme of the Christmas table! Currently £15.

ASDA Christmas Baking:

I LOVE baking at Christmas when I passed the baking aisle and saw that ASDA had a new 'Christmas' range of products, I had to restrain myself from doing a little jig in store!!
First up we have the 'Cake-Pop Kit'. Priced at £2....I've never made any Cake Pops before, so I may have to give these a try closer to Christmas! They look like a fun activity for the family to partake in at Christmas time!

'Cake Decorations £1-2'

ASDA have also introduced a wide range of new cake decoration products for Christmas! These are right up my street! I love baking during Christmas time....when it's freezing cold outside, but the house is filled with the warmth and the homely smell of baking! ....And what makes things even better is the exceptional price of these products! All coming in at under £3! There are a variety of products that would look and taste perfect atop a cake or a lovely yule log! These include Shimmer Snowballs (£1) Milk & White Chocolate decorations (£2), Sugar Sparkle Dust (£2) and many more!

......And it's only October! I'm pretty sure there will be another follow up post closer to Christmas with an even wider range of Christmas products! If you happen to spot anything new and exciting for Christmas then feel free to let me know!


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pringles Party Speakers

Hi Guys!

So recently I was contacted by a PR company asking if I would like to feature the limited edition 'Pringles Party Can' speakers. Now this is something slightly different from the usual products reviewed on my blog....but who can turn down the offer of experiencing some LED flashing speakers? Certainly not me that's for sure!

'Pringles Party Speaker Can'

As part of their summer promotion, Pringles are dialling up the fun this summer with it's new 'disco can' promotions. To accompany this, Pringles, have had the marvellous idea of offering the public the opportunity to get their hands on some limited edition LED flashing speakers!

'Pringles Disco Can'

To get your hands on one of these fantastic LED speakers, all you need to do is purchase 2 of the 'disco can' versions of Pringles, visit the Pringles website here and enter the batch codes found on the bottom of each can.

'Purchas 2 cans to receive your party speakers'

A £3 postage fee does apply for this service, however I do believe these speakers are well worth that fee as these are actually decent speakers! And the addition of the flashing LED lights, makes these speakers the perfect addition to either a family barbecue or a full blown party!
The quality of sound that emanates from these speakers does in fact equal that found in high end speakers that can be bought from the main retailers.

The speakers work by connecting to a smart phone or ipod device (as shown above) and flash different colours to the sound of the music beats. The speakers can also be linked together to turn up the music even LOUDER at parties, barbecues and picnics.

I think it's pretty neat that the speakers fit perfectly on top of the Pringles tube itself! The flavours included in this promotion are Original, Sour Cream & Onion and Salt & Vinegar. They are available in all leading supermarkets with an RRP of £2.69 for 190g.

For more information you can find Pringles on Twitter here and Facebook here.


I received this product in order to produce an honest review, and all views/opinions expressed are completely my own

Monday, 14 July 2014

NEW! Morrisons' 'Chocolate Marshmallow Cup'

On my last trip to Morrisons I was looking for something chocolate-y and sweet to take home with me to devour, and luckily I came across a new range of 'really good puds' that Morrisons' have recently introduced.

Of course me being the chocoholic that I am, my eyes were immediately drawn to the 'Marshmallow Chocolate Cups'.....

'Morrisons' Marshmallow Chocolate Cups'

They look tasty don't they?.....

Well I certainly thought so!.....At the price of £1.99 for two portions I didn't think they were too bad! So I popped them in my trolley and off I went looking forward to devouring one that evening!
The box contains two 'marshmallow chocolate cups' and is described as;

 'Mini Coffee cups packed with creamy chocolate sauce on a chocolatey biscuit base, topped with gooey marshmallow froth and a dusting of cocoa'

To say that I was disappointed when I realised that the 'cups' were not actual edible would be a huge understatement!!.....I think there is definitely an issue with misadvertising here, as on appearance you are led to believe that the product is a 'marshmallow chocolate cup'. When in reality it's marshmallow and chocolate INSIDE a cup.

'183 Kcal per 61g cup'

However, after getting over the initial disappointment that I wouldn't be able to consume the actual cup....the dessert did actually taste really nice! The dessert appeared to be 'layered' inside the cup, with a biscuit base at the bottom, followed by a layer of chocolate sauce/mousse and then topped with marshmallow froth.

'£1.99 for 2 portions'

My favourite part of the dessert was definitely the marshmallow froth at the top! It was light, sweet and tasted divine! And it gave a nice added sweetness to the chocolate mousse layer following it!...The biscuit base at the bottom tasted alright, it's nothing to scream in joy about, but it tasted good and added a bit of depth and texture to the cup.

Overall, I really enjoyed this dessert! The addition of the little chocolate stick and dusting of cocoa at the top was a nice touch, and the marshmallow froth tasted amazing. However, I couldn't help but feel let down that the cup wasn't actually edible! That would have taken the dessert to a whole new level and made me want to buy it again and again! 

Would I buy this again? Maybe

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pringles 'Brazilian Zesty Chili Style'

So recently I was contacted by a PR company about reviewing a new Pringles flavour designed specifically to be introduced around the time of the World Cup.

The new 'Brazilian Zesty Chili' flavour, is just one of a long line of products that have been styled to fit the 'Brazilian' theme of the World Cup.

190g tube

Personally, I am a huge fan of the Pringles brand already, my favourite being the Sour Cream & Onion flavour, so of course when I was contacted I immediately agreed to feature this new flavour on my blog!

On arrival, the tube was slightly smushed....but I have seen this has also been a problem for a couple other reviewers too...and to be honest problems can occur all the time with shipping so this wasn't much of an issue for me!

Now onto the taste! Once I opened the tube, and peeled back the lid I was immediately hit with the sharp smell of lime and chili (surely a good sign that the flavours are right!) .....However, this made me slightly apprehensive as I'm not really a 'spicy' girl...and tend to go for more neutral and subtle flavours, but for the sake of this review I dug in!

154 Kcal per 30g

....And I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised! I was expecting these Pringles to have a very tart and tangy taste from the lime and chili flavour...however, it was much more subtle, and whilst the chili did bring a bit of heat to the crisps, the addition of the zesty lime helped tone the flavour down to a more bearable level!

I would definitely recommend these Pringles to anyone planning a World Cup Final party for tonight! They would be the perfect, zesty addition to a party and the design of the tube would fit right in! These Pringles are currently available in most supermarkets and ASDA currently have Pringles on offer on a 2 for £2 bargain! These 'brazilian zesty chili style' Pringles have an RRP of £2.69.

Would I buy these again? YES

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hotel Chocolat 'You Crack Me Up Extra Thick' Easter Egg

The wonderful people at Hotel Chocolat contacted me recently asking if I would like to review one of their Easter eggs....and of course I said yes! (I would have been a fool not to, since their chocolate is to die for!)

......So when the postman delivered me a beautifully presented, gift-wrapped parcel the other day I was incredibly excited!!

'Easter 'You Crack Me Up Extra Thick' Egg'

 The description of this Easter egg on their website certainly gets the mouth watering!

'When we first started making our eggs 13 years ago, we were 
advised by experts to make them as thin as possible and put the chocolates on the outside.
 We did the opposite!

Our irresistibly upbeat extra thick Easter egg is cast in milk chocolate 
and our award-winning high-cocoa white chocolate, and inside you'll discover 
12 smiley face pralines and happy chicks.'

....with a description like that how can you say no?!?!

'Thick Easter Egg accompanied by 12 smiley face Pralines and happy Chicks'

'Cast in Milk Chocolate and our award-winning high-cocoa White Chocolate'

Hotel Chocolat are fabulous chocolatiers that have a strong ingredients philosophy to use only wholesome, real ingredients and their mantra is 'More Cocoa, Less Sugar'. 
What makes these eggs even more enticing is that they are suitable for vegetarians, and are alcohol free!

Now onto the actual egg!

After spending about 20 minutes convincing myself that this egg needed to be opened in spite of the gorgeous parcelling, I finally mustered up the courage to rip into the beautiful packaging and stopped short in shock when I came across what seemed to be a mahoosive egg-shaped lump of chocolate...

'415g/ 14.6 oz'

....Now i've never had a Hotel Chocolat egg before, and I am admittedly a bit of a pessimist. So when I read the description of this egg and saw that it was supposedly 'extra thick'....I thought 'Yeah might be a tiny bit thicker than the competition on the market but it won't be amazingly thick' was AMAZINGLY thick!! I have to say I am delighted to let you guys know that I was wrong, and I am pleasantly surprised with the thickness of this egg!

Aesthetically, this egg is simply fantastic! The mix of their award winning white and milk chocolate creates an eye popping 'marble' effect and gives this egg that added 'oomph' that you desire in a nice high-end egg!

'Suitable for Vegetarians'

Taste wise...the egg is even more amazing than it looks! The chocolate is creamy and smooth and melts wonderfully in the mouth. I can honestly say I have no complaints whatsoever with this egg, appearance or taste wise!

'Extra Thick Egg!...Warning! May require excessive force to dig in! ;)'

Following the mad frenzy that ensued when my family pounced on this egg....all eyes (and stomachs) turned towards the 12 delightfully cute chocolates stuffed inside the egg. These were;

'More Cocoa, Less Sugar'

Chocolate Brownie x2 : Crispy chocolate buttercream encased in milk chocolate.

Crunchy Praline x2 : Crunchy biscuit pieces and praline encased in mocha chocolate.

Milk Praline Fried Egg x2: A milk chocolate, hazelnut, praline-filled half shell, topped with a white chocolate fried egg.

Milk Chocolate Chick x2:  A flightless, fabulous chick cast in mellow and creamy 40% milk chocolate.A

White Soldiers x2: Creamy white chocolate soldiers pre-dipped with a dollop of creamy chocolate yolk.

Smooth Caramel Bow Tie Bunny x2: A dapper Easter bunny cast in smooth and sensual caramel milk chocolate.

'12 Delicious chocolates found within each egg!'

Overall, all of these mini chocolates tasted delicious and fit in nicely with the egg. My personal favourites were the Chocolate Brownie (the smoothness of the chocolate buttercream was simply divine) and the White Soldiers (the white chocolate was the best white chocolate i've ever tasted).

In Conclusion, this egg is all you could ever want or need from an Easter egg. It does come at a marginally expensive price of £28....however believe me when I say this: These eggs are well worth the cost!!

As said previously, I have never brought a Hotel Chocolat egg, this is most likely due to the price which I assume is quite a big issue for many people. However, since trying this egg I am 100% certain that I will from now on buy Hotel Chocolat eggs. Compared to the typical Dairy Milk or Malteser Easter eggs that can be brought for £5 or £10....this egg is much more upmarket, and the taste certainly matches price! This was a 'eggcellent' egg, and an even more wonderful tasting experience! 

Quality over quantity was never more true!....Their mantra of 'More Cocoa, Less Sugar' is definitely apparent in these eggs!

To buy one of these fabulous eggs (which I definitely recommend to all my fellow chocoholics!)...You can find it (and other varieties) on Hotel Chocolat's website here.

....And for offers and competitions you can follow them on twitter here or like them on facebook here.

I received this product in order to produce an honest review, and all views/opinions expressed are completely my own.

Would I buy this again? YES!....100% 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

ZICO Chocolate Flavoured Coconut Water

I know what you guys are thinking........

"Chocolate flavoured coconut water?? Bleurghhh that can't actually taste nice?!"

But fear not, my readers!! Hopefully this review will help change your mind and query your beliefs!

So last week I was just casually meandering around my local Home Bargains when I came across these bottles of ZICO chocolate coconut water for 49p! YES, that's right only 49p! I have to admit though, that my first thoughts were 'This looks a little odd' and 'Will this actually taste nice?'.....but for 49p I thought what the hell! And plonked it in my basket to review for you guys!

"ZICO Chocolate Flavoured Coconut Water"

ZICO promotes all their coconut waters as containing 5 electrolytes (Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorus)....and also incorporates as much Potassium as found in a the words of ZICO -"giving it that extra OOMPH!"

Described on their website as; "A delicious combination of 85% coconut water from concentrate, an irresistible natural chocolate flavour and other delicious ingredients. ZICO chocolate is a great source of sweet, sweet hydration. Plus it has half the calories and sugar of the leading chocolate milk!" 

And if that still doesn't tempt you to buy this...then how about the fact that this bottle only contains 80 calories?....and is gluten-free, lactose-free and dairy-free!

"80 Kcal per bottle (400ml)"

So ZICO recommends that this delicious drink should be consumed such this little beauty has been sat in my fridge waiting all week for me to finally get round to trying it! After giving it the recommended shake, I twisted the cap and looked down into what appears like a muddy chocolatey water based drink....which even I'll admit doesn't seem too appetising! However, never judge a book by it's cover.....

"Naturally a rich source in Potassium which helps maintain normal muscle function"

Taste wise, the best way I can describe this drink is saying that it tastes like watered down chocolate milk......this is definitely a good thing though!! It actually tastes really, really nice!
Now those people out there expecting it to taste like chocolate milk will be sadly disappointed! This drink tastes much thinner, which is most likely due to the lack of creaminess that the milk supplies! However, the dash of coconut milk in this drink does give it that added silky smoothness which really ensures this drink tastes good!

There are also some fantastic recipes that can be found for this chocolate flavoured coconut water (and their other flavours) on their Facebook recipe page found here.

One of the best recipes I have found that I look forward to trying is called 'ZICO in the middle':

  • 1 cup of ZICO Chocolate flavoured coconut water
  • 1/2 cup of Ice
  • 1/2 Banana
  • 1 Tpsb. of Almond Butter (or Peanut Butter)
  • 1 square of Dark Chocolate (or for the 'real deal', try a pinch of Cacao nibs or a few Cacao beans)
Blend together all the Ingredients and enjoy!

"Drink Well. Think Well. Renew Yourself."

In conclusion, I am extremely pleased that I decided to take the plunge and buy this product!....I'm that pleased with this drink that I went back to Home Bargains and stocked up on some more yesterday! This is extremely good as a post-workout drink to refuel, and I think it would be a great 'pick-me-up' to re-energise when I'm ill and even a nice treat whenever I get that sweet craving for something chocolatey but don't want to feel guilty!

I definitely recommend this product to everyone! Whether it's used for sports and fitness purposes or diet purposes, it definitely seems like an all round drink that can suit many peoples needs! After some research, I have found that ZICO have many flavours of coconut water including; Pineapple, Passionfruit and Strawberry and Banana....Unfortunately, unless purchased on Amazon or other websites these drinks only seem available across the pond from us! 
However, when I went back to Home Bargains yesterday to stock up on these Chocolate flavoured waters they did happen to have the Mango flavour in stock! So I brought one of them too!....So don't be surprised to see a review of that shortly....and hopefully more varieties will pop up in some of our retailers soon!

Would I buy these again? YES!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Domino's 'One, Two, Free' Deal

So after an especially long week we decided to treat ourselves to a nice and easy take-away on Saturday night....this then lead to a debate over which take-away to have....but since as a family, we've never had a Domino's take out we decided to take the plunge and order one!

After plugging in our postcode online I was directed to a very simple and easily accessible site where a number of options were available for order. The best option I found was to click on the 'deals' tab, where a number of combinations and deals were available!

After a long, heated discussion we finally decided on the 'One, Two, Free' deal which is described as 'One large pizza with two free sides'....which cost us £12.

We quickly decided that the best option for the Pizza was the CYO (Choose Your Own) option....where you can choose up to nine free toppings for your pizza. We decided on:

  • Double Mozzarella Cheese
  • Single Chicken Breast Strips
  • Single Cumberland Sausage
  • Single Green and Red Peppers
  • Single Mushrooms
  • Single Pork Meatballs
  • Single Red Onions
  • Single Smoked Bacon Rashers
  • Single Sweetcorn

And our two free sides were the Cheese Twisted Dough Balls (6) and the Chicken Strippers (7).
Once we had picked all our toppings and sides, I was directed to enter our address and a time for delivery, so I picked for our meal to be delivered within 45 minutes and voila!....our meal was ordered!

One of the things I found incredibly useful about Domino's was the 'pizza tracker' that they had on the website, which meant that I could track at what stage our pizza was at!

"Your pizzas are in the oven"

"Making sure everything is perfect!"
"We'll see you soon"

This online 'tracking' process allowed me to see that our order had been placed, and then allowed me to follow the stages that our order was at! Whether it was in the 'prep' stage or the 'quality control' stage.....this online tracking is a fantastic system in place by Domino's!! 10/10!

Now onto the actual food!!

The food did arrive more or less on time...give or take five minutes....but is five minutes too important!?!?!?...Nahhhhh 


Before even opening the boxes, the smells emanating off them were mouthwatering!....and driving us all crazy with hunger!

I'll start with the Cheese Twisted Dough Balls (6) :

Described as; '6 fresh dough pizza rolls brushed with garlic oil, filled with 100% mozzarella and cheese and herb sauce'

"Twisted Dough Balls -Cheese"

Opening the box, I have to admit I was disappointed at the appearance of my dough balls!...As you can all see in the image above, the cheese and garlic filling had leaked out of all the 6 balls, and in the top left corner, one looks to be burnt!.....However, thankfully taste wise these twisted dough balls were awesome!! They were very garlic-y....possibly too garlic-y for my taste....however my brother was enamoured with them and couldn't stop pinching everyone else's! 

Chicken Strippers (7) :

Described as; '7 Chicken breast goujons, coated in crispy breadcrumbs and served with dip (BBQ)'

"Crispy Chicken Strippers"

Sadly, I feel I was yet again disappointed with these 'chicken strippers'! The image of them on the website shows them with a lovely crispy coating containing some nice juicy chicken....which definitely tempted us to have this as one of our sides! However, when we opened the box the chicken strippers barely resembled those on the website! The taste of these goujons were pretty average I'm sad to say! I have better chicken goujons in the be honest these goujons tasted undercooked to me! Which is probably why they aren't that extra bit crispy as described on the website!

Finally, onto the pizza!:

"Create Your Own Pizza -9 personal toppings included for free!"

If that pizza doesn't get your taste buds tingling then I don't know what will!
After all our toppings, this pizza was certainly fully loaded with flavour!......and I would be lying if I told you that we didn't all moan at our first bite!
This pizza was absolute heaven! The toppings all complimented each other perfectly, and I would definitely recommend getting double mozzarella instead of just the single!
However, the best part of this pizza for me was the base!....The base and crust of the pizza had that nice crunchy crust and texture that you would expect of a pizza, but inside it was incredibly light and fluffy which made for an amazing pizza experience!!

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this deal to everyone! A single large pizza by itself costs £16.99 alone at Domino's....whereas this deal includes two additional sides and only cost us £12! ....if that is not a bargain then I don't know what is! However, I would be looking at choosing different sides next time in hopes for something better!
For my first Domino's experience, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the pizza, but dissapointed at the state of the sides!....The amount of options on the menu however means that if I decide to have another Dominos then there are many more options to choose from!

Would I buy these again? The Pizza: YES
                                            2 Free Sides: VERY UNLIKELY

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

"Oloves" Olives Review

This review has been a long time coming! Sadly with the problems I experienced with my blog, this review was unfortunately now it's re-written and ready for the world!!

I was incredibly excited to be asked to try and review some of the new Oloves Olives range! I have a huge soft spot for Olives, so to be asked to review some was a dream come true for me! These Olives came in three varieties for me to try; Hot Chilli Mama, Tasty Mediterranean and Lemony Lover.

Over the past few years the UK consumer market has experienced a revolution of sorts, and consumers now tend to eat on the move or look for snacks and food they can eat on the go. Which I can 100% relate with! I am always looking for something that's tasty, healthy and compact to take with me on my day!
"Oloves" Olives are a new range of tasty, alternative snacks that come in three varieties and have less than 50 calories per every 30g pack.
Now if that isn't tempting for you my readers, then how about the fact that these packs need no refrigeration and have an 18 month shelf life? Still not convinced? Well.....Furthermore, Oloves are all natural, naturally low in saturated fat and as well as being gluten free, dairy free and wheat free they contain no nuts and no major allergens! .....I was extremely looking forward to trying these!

"Three Fantastic Flavours: Hot Chilli Mama, Tasty Mediterranean and Lemony Lover"

As you can see from the image above there are only two packets!.....This was due to my inability to resist eating the Tasty Mediterranean flavour....I'm so weak!
I've got to admit though, after trying all three flavours, the 'Tasty Mediterranean' flavour was by far my favourite!
Described as 'Pitted green olives with Basil and Garlic' these Olives were tempting me as soon as I opened up my package!
One of the things I love about these little 'snack packs' of Olives is that they are already pitted and don't come with any excess liquid...this helps with the ease of access when on the go and makes them even more fabulous!
Taste wise the 'Tasty Mediterranean' flavour was wonderful, the Basil and Garlic seasoning made the Olives extremely moreish and honestly? I could have consumed another packet or two of them, they were that good!

The next flavour I tried was the 'Lemony Lover'. Described as 'Pitted green Olives with Lemon and Garlic', I took these to university with me to try as a little 'pick me up' in the afternoon!
Initially I wasn't sure about this flavour....The Olive tastes lovely and is then followed by the tang of the lemon......but before I knew it my hand was searching the bottom of an empty packet! A good sign?.....I think so! Whilst this was not my favourite flavour, I definitely would try it again, maybe combined with something that would neutralise the tangy flavour of the lemon?

"Lemony Lover: Pitted Green Olives with Lemon & Garlic"

"Lunchbox friendly"

"No nuts, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Dairy & No major Allergens!"

Last, but certainly not least is the 'Hot Chilli Mama' flavour......this flavour I left till last as I am a bit of a baby when it comes to hot and spicy food!....I like my food mild and these Olives described as 'Pitted green Olives with Habanero Chillies' definitely did not fit what I was comfortable with! But I am a blogger and privileged to review these I sucked it up and tried these as a starter one evening with some flat bread and hummus.

"Hot Chilli Mama: Pitted Green Olives with Habanero Chillies"

"Only 50 Kcal a bag....and each bag is guaranteed at least 10 Olives!"

Taste wise.....I've got to say I was pleasantly surprised! I was expecting an intense chilli explosion in my mouth, but instead all I experienced was a mild kick from the Habanero chilli flecks...which contrasted nicely with my hummus!
I was extremely surprised with these Olives and would definitely buy them again! For some people, who can taste and enjoy intensely spicy food, they may find these chilli olives 'lacking'....however, those people out there, who like me, enjoy a slight kick to their food but nothing too intense will love these Olives!

"High in Loveliness, Low in Calories, No Stones & No Fuss"

Overall, I am a HUGE fan of these Olives! Not only are they extremely low in calories (only 50 calories a bag) they are the ideal snack for people on the go! No mess or fuss, literally rip open the edge of the packet and pop the Olives in your mouth!

Since sending me these flavours last year, Oloves have introduced more exciting varities! These include;

Basil & Garlic - Plump, succulent green olives lovingly marinated with a sprinkle of zingy Basil and Garlic.

Chilli & Garlic -Juicy plump olives bathing in spicy Harissa and fragrant Garlic.

Lemon & Rosemary - Fresh green olives infused with Lemon, Rosemary and Garlic.

Chilli & Oregano -Big Juicy olives seasoned with a little cheeky Chilli, Garlic and Oregano.

I DEFINITELY look forward to trying these new flavours....because i'm sure that if they taste half as amazing as those i've just experienced i'll be in heaven!

If you're looking to try some of these fabulous Olives (which I suggest you do!) then you can find them stocked in Wetherspoons, Holland & Barrett, Shell Service Stations, Palmer & Harvey and Superquinn Stores. Also look out for these fabulous Olives on Airlines such as RyanAir, Thomas Cook and Thomson Airways!

For more information on these tasty Olives you can visit Olove's amazingly colourful and interactive website here or you can follow/contact them on twitter here.

I received this product in order to produce an honest review, and all views/opinions expressed are completely my own.

Would I buy these again? 150%.....I'll definitely be on the look out to try the other flavours!

Until next time!