Saturday, 7 September 2013

GU 'Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake' Puddings

So my review today is these luxurious 'After Dark' GU puddings I picked up in my local ASDA.

Normally, these puddings retail for £3.59 but are currently on offer for £2......and these looked WAY too tempting to pass up!

Aesthetically, the pack looks very posh and has a sleek artistic design painted on each packet to add to the uniqueness of this product. Inside each pack, contains two Chocolate and Vanilla cheesecakes weighing in at 90g each and are served in individual glass ramekins.

I love the idea of these desserts coming in the glass ramekins as they can be washed and re-used again (and help compensate for the price!).
 I love using them for baking, and when having guests over, using them as little dipping pots for sauces such as, sweet chilli dips, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and for having little snacks out such as; nuts, jellies, crisps etc... the possibilities are endless!
 Each ramekin is sealed with a peel away foil lid, which helps maintain the freshness of the dessert and keep the cheesecake nice and fresh!

The product is described on the GU website (very fancily) as:

"This is a case of 1+1=3. Alone, our vanilla cheesecake is a dreamy combination of buttery biscuit base and endlessly soft cream cheese. And our gu-ey chocoloate ganache made with 53% Belgian chocolate is a force to be reckoned with, a taste sensation that will knock you sideways. Add them together and they create something totally new: so perfectly rich, so sensationally smooth that it might just mess with the laws of the universe".

.....Now with a description like that how can you say no to this product??

'Chocolately biscuit base, covered in a smooth Madagascan vanilla cheesecake and our signature chocolate ganache'

Onto the taste! Digging my spoon in, initially I went to scoop a taste of all three layers....and I tell you now not many puddings make me close my eyes and sigh in absolute bliss!
These puddings are so heavenly and taste absolutely divine! The dessert on a whole is very rich, so having the small ramekins help control the portion size and make it the ideal treat for the weekend or special occasion.

Each 90g glass ramekin contains 323Kcal

The chocolate ganache is simply amazing. You can tell immediately it's made with good high quality cocoa as it's smooth texture melts in the mouth leaving you craving for more...following this you begin to get a hint of the creamy, soft vanilla cheesecake and the combination of these two flavours is simply elevated by the crunchiness the biscuit base brings!
I can't fully put across to you guys how amazing this pudding actually tastes! I would even go as far as saying this is the best pudding I've ever had!
Fellow chocoholics....if you haven't tasted this dessert then you have not lived and cannot honestly call yourself a true chocoholic!

Overall, the price when not on offer (£3.59) is a little steep and the calorie content per dessert is very high..but these desserts are so indulgent and blissful that I would be willing to pay that price on special occasions as these puddings are quite posh and would be perfect for special events or that unique treat every now and again!
I would 100% recommend this product to ANYONE reading as I can't fully put across to you how absolutely amazing this dessert is until you've tried it yourself! So get down to your local supermarket and treat yourself for deserve it!

Below are some examples of how to re-use the ramekins I found on the 'GU' facebook page! If you would like more ideas you can check out their facebook page here or their twitter page here

Would I buy this product again? 100% YES


  1. Oh my. I used to be completely obsessed with cheesecakes but I ate so many as a teenager that I went off them a bit. These look pretty special though!

    You've also made me realise I have a couple of those little ramekins knocking about from other Gü products - I use mine to weigh my little treats that come in sharing bags ;)

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  3. Well I bought the Lemon GU and it was rubbish ..too much biscuit and only tiny bit of cheesecake ,,,shite not worth the money!!!


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