Tuesday, 8 October 2013

*Double Review* 'New' Maltesers Hot Chocolate & Rocky Mountain 'Mega Marshmallows'

As we start descending into Winter and the cold days are coming quick and fast, I thought I'd do a double review of some nice hot chocolate and marshmallows to warm us all up!

Firstly, there's the relatively 'new' Maltesers Malty chocolate drink which promises a nice frothy top to sweeten the deal. I have to admit when it comes to hot chocolate I can be particularly fussy! I tend to go for the 'branded' products because I feel there's a higher chance that they'll taste good and that I will like them more!
 As such, on my recent trip to Asda I found I didn't mind paying the £2.39 for this hot chocolate, as it looks and will most likely taste gorgeous!

The packaging for this new Maltesers hot chocolate comes in a handy new, less plastic 'eco-pack', described as better for the environment by helping to reduce the amount of packaging waste thrown away every day. Furthermore, this packet is not just economical, this packaging also comes with a handy resealable top, which I have said in previous posts how much I love!
This hot chocolate can be made up using either milk or water. Since I have an incredible sweet tooth and like my hot chocolate nice and creamy...of course I went for the milk option! So I scooped up the required 4 teaspoons of Maltesers powder and warmed my milk up in the microwave.
 In terms of nutrition each 25g serving (4 teaspoons) when mixed with 200ml of water is 99 calories. If 200ml of semi-skimmed milk is used the calories increase to 194....naughty!

When adding my 4 teaspoons of hot chocolate I quickly realised I would need more than 4 to get that nice chocolatey flavour, so I added one more heaped spoonful and that did the trick!

The Maltesers hot chocolate tasted delicious! It wasn't overbearingly sweet and chocolatey, it was just enough to tickle the taste buds and give you that warm feeling! The 'malty' taste wasn't as strong as I expected and was quite mellow but I found that incredibly appealing and will definitely be buying some more of this Maltesers hot chocolate soon!

Alongside, the Maltesers hot chocolate I will also be reviewing 'Rocky Mountain Mega Marshmallows'. These are an American product recently brought over and introduced into the UK market. They are currently priced at £2 in Asda....which is a really good price since they cost £3+ on Amazon for one bag!

 330kcal per 100g.

I'm not 100% sure why I decided to splurge out on these marshmallows...maybe the fact that hot chocolate isn't quite the same without a gooey marshmallow in it and these marshmallows looked absolutely fabulous! This 340g bag of marshmallows is definitely mega like it says! They are unbelievably huge! Here are a few scale comparisons;

Mega Marshmallow in comparison to my hand!

Mega Marshmallow in comparison to a tea bag!
Mega Marshmallow in comparison to a tin of mints!

Mega Marshmallow in comparison to my teaspoon!

They are huge. Fact.

In terms of taste, eating one by itself starts to taste sickly and doesn't have the same flavour as normal marshmallows...maybe due to their size? I think these are meant to be eaten toasted or as a component in 'smores'....so that might be quite an interesting review to take on in the future?
 However, one of these marshmallows dipped and floating in my hot chocolate tasted amazing. The marshmallow initially started to melt and become gooey, which gave it an extra creamy taste and blended in well with my Maltesers hot chocolate!

Overall, I really enjoyed both products and would definitely buy them again as they are value for money and taste great, I'd like to maybe try smores or toasting the marshmallows next time so look for some upcoming 'sticky' marshmallow reviews!

'Perfect hot chocolate experience'

Would I buy these again? YES

Maltesers hot chocolate: 

Rocky Mountain 'Mega Marshmallows':

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  1. definitely buying maltesers malty hot chocolate because of this review :) and holy crap thats a ginormous marshmallow you have there


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