Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk Strawberries & Creme

I thought I'd give the newest Dairy Milk bar to be released a review! When I heard that Dairy Milk were creating a strawberries & creme chocolate bar my first thought was that it sounded like HEAVEN!
 The basic idea for this 'strawberries & creme' flavour is to tie into the 'Great British Summer'.....and I will mention I did very much enjoy some of this chocolate whilst watching Wimbledon this past Friday! And it was much less hassle and mess than having actual strawberries and cream!

The 120g bar should be on sale in most supermarket outlets from this month onwards at the introductory price of £1! The bar contains 560 calories, however 3 chunks consist of 85 calories.

Described on the packet as 'Milk chocolate with a yoghurt and strawberry flavour filling', I initially felt slightly deceived as strawberries and yoghurt can be greatly different from strawberries and cream...and I've seen quite a few people comment on this deception. However, I can see from a marketing point of view how 'strawberries and creme' sounds more appealing than 'strawberry yoghurt'.

As soon as I opened the packet I got the usual whiff of rich dairy milk chocolate, but it was also followed by an undercurrent of strawberries and fruit which smelled amazing!
Taste-wise I loved it. The fusion of flavours both smelled and tasted wonderful, it was creamy, smooth in texture and melted in your mouth, whilst at the same time had the perfect mix of chocolate and strawberry flavouring.
I think the fact that the chocolate bar has a 'yoghurt filling' as opposed to a cream filling, makes the taste less sickly and surprisingly moreish!

Would I buy this again? YES

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Haribo: The Smurfs

During my weekly shop today I came across this 'Smurf' version of Haribo in my local Co-Operative.....and for £1 you can't turn them down!

Typical of Haribo recently, these sweets aren't totally unhealthy for you or your children as they have no artificial colours and are just fruit flavoured gums! The bag is 220g, and every 100g consumed is equal to 343 not totally healthy either! 

In the bag, there are 3 different variations of smurf, a yellow, white and red headed smurf as shown above...they look pretty adorable and for once actually look like what Haribo are selling!
Now onto the taste, unfortunately no matter how 'cool' the idea of smurf Haribo's are, the taste totally lets them down. 

Before tasting each smurf, I assumed that the red headed smurf may taste of strawberry or raspberry, the yellow headed may taste of lemon and the white headed may taste of pineapple or some other fruity flavour. How wrong was I?
They taste of absolutely nothing. NOTHING! They are literally just a chewy jelly in your mouth shaped like smurfs....definite let down!
Overall, smurf shaped Haribo are an ingenious idea and children would love them...IF they added some flavouring in and we weren't just chewing flavourless jelly.

Would I buy these again? NO.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Oh My Apple Pie!

Whilst I was in my local 'Fulton's Foods' recently, I stumbled across this unusual flavour of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, normally you expect to see flavours such as Cookie Dough and Fudge Brownie, but if you've ever been on the American Ben & Jerry website  you'll see that they have over 50 flavours of ice cream! So when I came across this Oh My Apple Pie! flavour I knew I had to taste it!

 The ice cream is described as 'Apple pie ice cream with pieces of apple and chunks of rich pie crust' It comes in it's usual 500ml tub and contains 210 calories per 100ml (around 2 scoops). It's retail price here in the UK is £4.49, but at Fulton's I managed to get it at the amazing price of £1.50!!

Now, first impressions seeing the flavour 'Apple pie ice cream'.....I was a little apprehensive because it's not something you see everyday, but I was intrigued!

In terms of flavour the vanilla ice cream tastes good, smooth and creamy but nothing amazing....then you get the hint of apple flavour running throughout. The little rectangular pieces of apple in the ice cream taste gorgeous. The Ben & Jerry team definitely honoured their American roots with this apple pie recipe, they combined the apples with nutmeg and fairtrade cinnamon to get the taste perfect.
 In my opinion, the best part of this ice cream is the rich pie crust chunks. They are awesome and make the ice cream incredible! The pie crust is thick and crunchy, and the fusion of all the flavours definitely makes you say 'Oh My!'

Would I buy this again? Definitely

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Cadbury Heavenly Vanilla Cup

2 reviews in one day not bad if I do say so myself!

I just couldn't wait in uploading this little beauty I found in a local Fulton's Foods supermarket.

This my readers, is a Cadbury Heavenly Vanilla Cup... a.k.a Heaven in a small 125 ml tub.
Described as 'creamy Madagascan vanilla ice cream' this dessert definitely tickles the tastebuds! ....and saves a couple of pounds in the pocket! I found this little gem In my local Fulton's for the amazing price of 3 for £1! That's just 33p a tub!

These tubs apparently come from America, so there's not much choice here in the UK, but after a bit of research I discovered in America that these little tubs come in a variety of flavours, including Cadbury Caramel Cup, Cadbury Crunchie Cup, Cadbury Wispa Cup and Cadbury Creme Egg Cup.....all of which sound divine! Although, I did notice that Fulton's seemed to have the Cadbury Caramel Cups in stock a review of them may be coming up soon too!

Ok now onto the actual tasting.....These little tubs do taste as heavenly as the title claims they do! They are simply marvellous.
On the outside, just looking at this tub, it looks slightly boring compared to the other more 'exciting' flavours but as the saying goes 'never judge a book by it's cover'.

It's kind of hard to see on this picture, but looking at the vanilla ice cream you can see little black specks throughout, which is a clear indicator of the quality of the vanilla ice cream. The ice cream is has a slight firm texture to it, but is soft to scoop out with a spoon, and is very similar to soft serve ice cream.
The taste is far from boring and plain, it's thick and creamy and quite honestly is the best vanilla ice cream i've ever tasted!

Would I buy this again? 100% YES

Maynards Sour Patch Kids

I thought I'd give these Maynard Sour Patch Kids a go today, as they're seems to be a huge hype surrounding them!
Sour Patch Kids originate from America and are a big hit over there, and it seems like Maynards have decided to capitalize on this craze and do their own take on these jelly sweets here in the UK.

 I decided to buy the smaller 45g bag of Sour Patch Kids from my local Co-Operative for 49p, instead of purchasing the larger 160g  bags for the introductory price of £1.50. Each small bag consumed contains 145 calories, whereas in the larger bags, 1/3 of each bag consumed contains 175 calories.

There are 5 different flavours of Sour Patch Kids, which are lemon, lime, orange, raspberry and blackcurrant. However, as shown above they are only 4 of the flavours. This is due to they're being NO blackcurrant flavoured jellies in my bag, which I was pretty miffed about as blackcurrant is my favourite flavour!

The slogan for these jellies is 'sour then sweet' and I can definitely agree with that as they started off slightly sour before fading into a sweet fruity after-taste. In my opinion I found the lemon flavour the most tantalizing with the other flavours leaving much to be desired, however the amount of sugar in the packet did put me off a bit.

Overall, these sweets didn't overwhelm or amaze me. I felt there was too much sugar in the bag and was greatly disappointed over the fact that there was no blackcurrant flavoured jellies in my packet.
However, they are nice sweets and are not as overly priced as they're american counterparts are on Amazon and other online selling I would definitely recommend them to people to try!

Maynards have now also brought out a 'soda popz' version of Sour Patch Kids. These jellies taste of different 'pop' flavours instead of the original 'fruity' flavours. Flavours include; Cherryade, Cola, Apple, Tropical and Orangeade. So maybe these will taste better than the original Sour Patch Kids? Or will they be worse?
What did you guys think of Maynards Sour Patch Kids?

Would I buy them again? YES....for the right price.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Maryland 'Gooeys' Chocolate Cookies

For my first post I've decided to review these Maryland 'Gooey' Cookies, as I've been dying to have a taste of them ever since I've seen them on the shelf of my local ASDA for the introductory price of £1. I love the hot pink/red packaging that was just screaming 'EAT ME!'.

The cookies are described as 'crunchy cookies filled with a gooey chocolatey centre' and come in a 'Hazelnut' flavour and 'Double Chocolate' flavour too. Upon opening the pack, there are 10 cookies with the recommended serving being 2, equalling 158 calories per sitting.

Initially I was surprised at the size of the cookie as the packet image led me to believe they would be 'chunkier', but in reality they seemed to be the size of a regular Maryland cookie. With a lovely golden brown finish these Maryland 'gooeys' I believe are less crunchy then the original Maryland cookies, but are slightly softer and crumble/melt away in the mouth.

When reaching the middle of the cookies I liked that they all had just the right amount of chocolate creamy filling to hold the biscuit together and not make it taste too sickly, but that they also had enough chocolate chips throughout each cookie to give it a nice even chocolatey biscuit taste.

Overall, I believe these cookies are delicious and for the very reasonable introductory price of £are a bargain, so grab them whilst you can!

Would I buy them again? YES.