Monday, 6 October 2014

ASDA: Christmas In Store Round-UP!

I was walking round ASDA today doing the usual weekly shop and spontaneously decided to do a bit of a 'round up' of the new Christmas products ASDA have already started displaying on it's shelves!

Festive Flying Saucers:

'Festive Flying Sauces £3'

Firstly, ASDA have introduced for this year these tubs of your typical pick 'n' mix sweets for the very affordable price of £3! I think these are a fantastic idea for Christmas, as many children (and adults!) have intolerances to these tubs serve as a fantastic alternative to the classic tubs of Celebrations or Heroes! There is a wide variety of choice with these tubs ranging from jelly sweets to marshmallows and these flying saucers!

Munchies Roll:

'Munchies £3'

Next on the list is this HUGE roll of Munchies! Now i'm a huge fan of Munchies so I can see this being added to the shopping trolley in the near future for Christmas! These rolls contain 3x100mg bags of munchies.....which is more than enough to satisfy any chocolate/caramel cravings you have this Christmas! Currently £3.

Quality Street Large Tin:

'Quality Street 1.28kg tin £8'
Next we have the 'large'(or should I say previously normal!) sized tins from Quality Street! These tins weigh in at a hefty 1.28 kg and cost £8, which is considerably different from the 'tubs' that ASDA are selling for £5 which weigh in at 780 kg. I personally have to say every year I get so disappointed at how much smaller, and smaller our tins are becoming! These tins do solve that problem, however be prepared to pay practically double the price for them!

Toblerone Triangle:

'Toblerone Triangle £2'

Toblerone have also revamped their style for Christmas with this fab looking stocking filler that anyone would be pleased to find on Christmas morning! Set in a triangle shape, with a little 'Merry Christmas' note on the packaging, I myself will be paying the very reasonable £2 price for a couple of these as little 'add on' presents for friends and family!

Quality Street Large Strawberry Delight:

Now this Christmas product is one of the ones that i'm most excited about! It's no secret that I love the 'creme' sweets from the Quality Street when Quality Street brought out the large versions of 'The Purple One', Fudge and Toffee ones I was eagerly awaiting,with my fingers crossed, for the day that they finally brought out the Strawberry Dream ones. This is something that will definitely be making at least one appearance in my household this Christmas! Currently priced at £5.

Frozen Christmas Chocolates:

'Chocolate Snowies £1'

'Milk & White Chocolate Pieces £1'

I couldn't resist adding these to the list! These are completely adorable and would surely brighten up any little girls Christmas day if she's a Frozen fan! These two are just a small variety of the 'Frozen' chocolate options that ASDA have in for Christmas, but for the price of £1 you can't really go wrong!

Quality Street/Guylian/Heroes etc... Pouches:

For those that have no desire for the tub version of these chocolates or would just rather a smaller amount, then these pouches are ideal for you! These bags do contain around 200 kg less than the normal size tubs, but they are cheaper at £4!

Extra Special Father Christmas:

I couldn't resist adding this beauty to the round up either! Made from extra special Chocolate with a higher than average cocoa content this giant Father Christmas would be the creme de la creme of the Christmas table! Currently £15.

ASDA Christmas Baking:

I LOVE baking at Christmas when I passed the baking aisle and saw that ASDA had a new 'Christmas' range of products, I had to restrain myself from doing a little jig in store!!
First up we have the 'Cake-Pop Kit'. Priced at £2....I've never made any Cake Pops before, so I may have to give these a try closer to Christmas! They look like a fun activity for the family to partake in at Christmas time!

'Cake Decorations £1-2'

ASDA have also introduced a wide range of new cake decoration products for Christmas! These are right up my street! I love baking during Christmas time....when it's freezing cold outside, but the house is filled with the warmth and the homely smell of baking! ....And what makes things even better is the exceptional price of these products! All coming in at under £3! There are a variety of products that would look and taste perfect atop a cake or a lovely yule log! These include Shimmer Snowballs (£1) Milk & White Chocolate decorations (£2), Sugar Sparkle Dust (£2) and many more!

......And it's only October! I'm pretty sure there will be another follow up post closer to Christmas with an even wider range of Christmas products! If you happen to spot anything new and exciting for Christmas then feel free to let me know!


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  1. Take me back to December! I don't usually shop at Asda but it looks like they have a good and very reasonably priced selection!


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