Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Nestle 'Rolo Potz'

Hi Guys & Gals!

Today I'm finishing off my reviews of the Nestle 'Ice cream Potz' range! These are currently on offer at 50p from ASDA which is a huge saving as they are usually priced at £1.30! So definitely a bargain if you ask me!

So to finish off I'll be reviewing the 'Rolo Potz'......

Aesthetically I love the design of these 'Potz'. I think the idea and the image of these tubs are incredibly innovative and stand out next to all the other ice cream tubs in the supermarket. Each tub contains 160ml of ice cream and has a variety of sauce and toppings relating to the variety of flavours.
I think 160ml is the perfect amount of ice cream for anyone! I can't count how many times I've scooped ice cream out of a big tub and ended up with too little and wanting more, or too much and feeling sick!

This 'Rolo' version of the Nestle tubs is described as; "Smooth vanilla ice cream fused with caramel sauce and chocolate pieces"

This 160ml Pot contains 198 Kcal.

First impressions when opening the tub....I was slightly disappointed with the so called 'chocolate pieces'. What you see in the image above is what you get. This did disappoint me as in the other 'potz', for example the Smarties Potz, which had smarties and crushed mini smarties dotted throughout the whole tub whereas this tub didn't.
 I also expected the chocolate pieces to be small thick pieces of chocolate like little chunks, but they are literally thin, circular pieces of chocolate. These chocolate pieces did fall flat of my expectations...and the type of chocolate used didn't taste or live up to the Nestle standard...maybe this is because it's frozen? I'm not sure but regardless I felt a little let down by you Nestle!

The so called 'vanilla' ice cream I have discussed in a previous post concerning the 'Smarties Potz' here. The ice cream tastes fine, nice and creamy but doesn't taste like vanilla as described on the Pot.....there's nothing wrong with the taste of the ice cream it just doesn't taste as described! The ice cream does have a McFlurry-esque taste and feel to it....but isn't soft scoop like a McFlurry....and a McFlurry does have more toppings and flavourings than this pot
Other than those few little niggles, this ice cream pot does taste very nice! The caramel sauce is my favourite part, mixed with the ice cream and a few chocolate pieces it tastes divine! The combination of flavours come together perfectly....so well done for that Nestle!

Overall, I think personally this is my least favourite of the Nestle Ice cream Potz.....the chocolate pieces and the misleading 'vanilla' ice cream does let it down....but the fusion of the chocolate pieces, caramel sauce and ice cream together does taste divine and really saves this ice cream!
There have been some other flavours in the Nestle Potz range but I have been unable to find these in my local supermarkets!
The current variety of Nestle Ice cream Potz include; Rolo Potz, Smarties Potz, Quality Street 'My Purple Potz', Munchies Potz, Aero Mint Potz, Aero Milk Chocolate Potz, Toffee Crisp Potz and Fab Potz.

So hopefully my local supermarkets decide to stock up soon....I really like the look of the Toffee Crisp and Fab flavoured potz!

Thanks for reading Guys, hope you enjoyed it!

Would I buy this again? Not my first choice of the Potz range....but yes.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Nestle 'Smarties Potz'


As you guys may have noticed I'm currently working my way through the Nestle ice cream tub/potz flavours as they are currently on offer at 50p from ASDA (usual price 1.30).....so grab them while you can!

Today I shall be reviewing the 'Smarties Potz'.......

R&R Ice Cream have launched this innovative new idea primarily targeting the 'night in' market, by creating these Nestle ice cream tubs in a variety of flavours.
This 'Smarties' variety is described as; "Smooth vanilla ice cream fused with whole & crushed mini smarties" .....sounds delicious?

This 160ml Pot contains 188 Kcal.

First impressions on opening the tub.....I was pretty impressed! I wasn't expecting that many smarties! I thought they'd probably attempt to short me on the smarties but I was pleasantly surprised!
And even though you guys can't see it from the image above, throughout the ice cream there are small pieces and chunks of mini smarties which also taste great!
The ice cream I expected to have a smooth vanilla taste (as described on the pot) but unfortunately it tasted almost nothing like vanilla. However, the ice cream was extremely creamy so I wasn't too fussed about this....apart from the false advertising!!
You'd have thought R&R ice cream and Nestle could have forked out a bit more money for some actual vanilla tasting ice cream!

Overall, I liked the appearance of this tub and the abundance of smarties toppings! The ice cream was a slight let down....it tasted nice and creamy, but definitely a cheap version of vanilla ice cream...shame on you R&R! I think this is a great novelty product and for 50p you'll struggle to find something better! I definitely recommend it :)

Next time I'll be reviewing the Nestle 'Rolo' tubs.

Would I buy this again? YES

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Nestle "Munchies Potz"

Hi Guys!

Following my recent trip to ASDA where I found the Nestle ice cream tubs/potz on offer for 50p...I couldn't resist going back today and picking up the other flavours because 50p for a tub of ice cream?!?! How can you go wrong? That's more than 50% off as the tubs are usually priced at £1.30!

So today I'll be reviewing the "Munchies" flavour....

This Munchies themed tub from Nestle is described as; "Chocolate and caramel flavoured ice creams with a caramel sauce, shortcake biscuits and milk chocolate pieces"

This 160ml tub contains 198 Kcal

My first impression was that this tub looked more appealing than the 'Quality Street: My Purple Potz' Nestle tub I reviewed earlier on in the week here
Unlike the 'Quality Street' version which was just chocolate ice cream, this Munchies tub is made up of both chocolate and caramel ice cream, which you can clearly identify in the image above.
The taste of the chocolate ice cream was identical to the Quality Street tub, and as said in the previous post tasted fantastic and would have been a great tasting ice cream on it's own. The caramel ice cream however, I found to be quite sickly and left a slightly bitter aftertaste that wasn't what I was expecting.
Apart from that, the Munchies pot tasted very good! The caramel sauce complimented the ice cream perfectly and the small shortcake biscuits gave it a wonderful crunch!....I would have liked more of these shortbread biscuits in the tub as I felt there wasn't enough because they tasted just too good!

Overall, I really liked this Nestle tub and think Nestle's idea in bringing these 'Potz' out is incredibly innovative and perfect for that sweet treat on a 'night in' or as a reward for little children. Personally, the caramel ice cream doesn't appeal to my taste but that doesn't mean it won't to everyone!
 I definitely recommend not only this product but the whole line of 'Ice cream Potz' that Nestle have recently brought out!

My next review will be the Nestle 'Smarties Potz' 

Would I buy this again? YES

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Nestle Quality Street "My Purple Potz"

Today I'm reviewing a fantastic ice cream product I came across in ASDA yesterday, these seem to be new from Nestle and do come in a variety of flavours, but today I'll be reviewing the Quality Street 'My Purple Potz' version!

One of the main 'pulls' that attracted me and made me buy this product from ASDA was that these 'potz' are usually priced at £1.30 but are now on special offer at just 50p a tub!
As said above, these tubs from Nestle come in a variety of flavours including; Smarties, Munchies, Rolo, Areo and the above 'Quality Street' tub.....and i'm going to repeat myself by saying again that these ARE ALL 50P!! So get them whilst you can!

This Quality Street 'My Purple Potz' flavour is described as 'Chocolate flavoured ice cream with caramel sauce and chopped and chunky hazelnut pieces' This tub seems to be an ice cream version of 'The Purple One' sweet in the Quality Street Tins, theoretically the idea works and sounds good!....but how does it taste?....

This 160ml pot contains 188 Kcal 
....one word AMAZING.

These little tubs I find to be perfect! I hate opening big tubs of Ice cream and scooping some out then putting it away as I feel the ice creams texture begins to turn funny. Therefore, these little tubs are ideal for me!

First spoonful, I got the creamy taste of the chocolate ice cream (which would have been a fab tasting ice cream on it's own!) and then the crunchy addition of the Hazelnut chunks, followed by the smooth after taste of the caramel sauce....which you can see wisps of throughout the ice cream in the picture above. The other thing I like about these tubs is that they don't skimp on the Hazelnut toppings and caramel sauce which you do seem to find in some ice creams lately!

This pot had the perfect amount of ice cream to fill me up, not too much ice cream that it makes you feel sick....and not too little ice cream that it makes you want more. These tubs would be a great addition in anyone's freezer; for the little children whom you may want to control how much ice cream they eat (and saves you time scooping it out into bowels!) or for my fellow readers who want a sweet treat every now and again!

Overall, I think these 'Potz' are a great concept from Nestle and taste absolutely amazing! I look forward to trying the other flavours, and would definitely recommend these 'Potz' to anyone who likes Quality Streets....or just enjoys simple, good tasting ice cream!

Would I buy this again? 100% YES!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Galaxy Flutes

To start this post I'd like to apologise for the lack of reviews lately...that was due to me going on holiday to Egypt for 2 weeks which I've just returned from!
 However, I did find an amazing product in a little supermarket in Egypt that I thought would be amazing to review...(and taste!).

TA DA...........

Feast your eyes on these gorgeous beauties! (excuse the slightly battered packaging as I had to squeeze them into my case!)
After a little research (due to the fact I can't read the Arabic on the packaging) here's what Galaxy have to say about their flutes;

"Galaxy Flutes perfectly encapsulate the indulgence and pleasure which have become synonymous with the Galaxy brand and are a perfect treat for a luxurious snack for discerning chocolate lovers.

Consumers will love the benefit of a combination of textures with the mix of wafer and cream providing an ideal afternoon snacking moment."

Each 11.25g finger contains 56 Kcal

From research, I've found in the UK Galaxy flutes are brought in individual packs as shown in the picture above for 50p each, whereas in Egypt I was able to purchase a nicely shaped box which contained 5 packets for the price of about 10 egyptian pounds which equals to about £1.

The individual packets of Galaxy flutes contain two crispy wafer rolls, filled with a creamy Galaxy milk chocolate centre and covered in more Galaxy milk chocolate.

First impressions of these 'Galaxy flutes' was that they seemed almost identical to the 'Milky Way Crispy Rolls' that have been out for a little while now...

And taste wise, those first impressions did match. These Galaxy flutes tasted almost identical to the Milky Way Crispy Rolls, the only difference was the fact the Galaxy flutes had the Galaxy milk chocolate flavoured filling and coating which had a smoother and creamier taste than the Milky Way version

Overall, these 'flutes' did taste very good, the slight crunchiness of the wafer contrasting with the smooth creamy filling of the Galaxy chocolate made for an excellent tasting combination. I would also recommend refrigerating these Galaxy flutes and eating them straight from the fridge as I found the taste much more potent that way.
Furthermore,although labelled as the 'ideal afternoon snacking moment' these wafer rolls were extremely moreish and left me wanting way more than the indivual packets provided! A good or bad thing? You decide, but I would definitely recommend these Galaxy Flutes to everyone!

Would I buy them again? YES