Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pringles 'Brazilian Zesty Chili Style'

So recently I was contacted by a PR company about reviewing a new Pringles flavour designed specifically to be introduced around the time of the World Cup.

The new 'Brazilian Zesty Chili' flavour, is just one of a long line of products that have been styled to fit the 'Brazilian' theme of the World Cup.

190g tube

Personally, I am a huge fan of the Pringles brand already, my favourite being the Sour Cream & Onion flavour, so of course when I was contacted I immediately agreed to feature this new flavour on my blog!

On arrival, the tube was slightly smushed....but I have seen this has also been a problem for a couple other reviewers too...and to be honest problems can occur all the time with shipping so this wasn't much of an issue for me!

Now onto the taste! Once I opened the tube, and peeled back the lid I was immediately hit with the sharp smell of lime and chili (surely a good sign that the flavours are right!) .....However, this made me slightly apprehensive as I'm not really a 'spicy' girl...and tend to go for more neutral and subtle flavours, but for the sake of this review I dug in!

154 Kcal per 30g

....And I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised! I was expecting these Pringles to have a very tart and tangy taste from the lime and chili flavour...however, it was much more subtle, and whilst the chili did bring a bit of heat to the crisps, the addition of the zesty lime helped tone the flavour down to a more bearable level!

I would definitely recommend these Pringles to anyone planning a World Cup Final party for tonight! They would be the perfect, zesty addition to a party and the design of the tube would fit right in! These Pringles are currently available in most supermarkets and ASDA currently have Pringles on offer on a 2 for £2 bargain! These 'brazilian zesty chili style' Pringles have an RRP of £2.69.

Would I buy these again? YES

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  1. I feel very lucky to be the only reviewer to have received these Pringles intact lol!

    Out of interest did you get your square bowl from Sainsburys? I have one quite similar.


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