Monday, 1 July 2013

Milka Happy Cows!

When I was out and about yesterday I came across this 'Happy Cows' version of the Milka bar for only 50p in Morrisons! You can't go wrong for that price, so inevitably I popped one...or two in my trolley!

The bar is 100g and contains 530 calories of sweet milky goodness. The only description about this chocolate is on the label where it says 'Alpine milk and white chocolate'....which is pretty obvious from looking at the packet.

Upon opening the bar, I was greeted with the lovely smell of milk chocolate and then the wonderful view of the chocolate bar! Going with the 'Happy Cow's theme, the bar is the usual Milka shape with the name written on each chunk, but with random white chocolate splashes spread out across the a cow!

The bar is aesthetically amazing and looks incredibly appetising.....however my hopes for this bar were a little short lived. When turning the bar over, the whole underside was just plain milk chocolate. The only part of the bar that was white chocolate were the little splashes on the top, and these splashes were simply at the top of the bar rather than mixed with the milk chocolate throughout. This made the bar 95% milk chocolate and 5% white chocolate which slightly ruined the flavour for me.

Now onto the actual taste. Despite the fact that the white chocolate could barely be tasted throughout the bar, the chocolate did taste extremely delicious, with it being the perfect blend between fluffy and creamy, and leaving that little after-taste in your mouth that makes you keep reaching for more.

In conclusion, I was slightly disappointed with the fact the white chocolate wasn't integrated throughout the whole bar, but overall I really enjoyed this chocolate and for 50p wouldn't even hesitate in popping a few more bars in my trolley again. This is the perfect chocolate bar for those who don't like their chocolate too 'sickly' and 'heavy' but still want that creamy, moreish taste!

Would I buy this again? YES.

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  1. do you do a strawberry filling?


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